*Faux Snow: A Year-Round Ski/Snowboarding Surface

learn the facts here now Imagine skiing in 70 degree sunshine…thirty minutes from your home in Atlanta, Dallas or San Diego.

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rencontre de femme malgache Faux Snow is a surface material designed from very slick synthetic turf combined with nylon granules.


rencontre femme architecte Currently in development are oversize 20’x20′ “treadmills” that will include virtual reality screens that allow users to compete in ski lodges and other indoor facilities.  We will also have smaller 10’x10′ transportable treadmills for use at ski shops, schools and other teaching facilities.

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site de rencontre gratuit de femme asiatique en france Our intent is to build 75,000-100,000 square foot slopes that include jumps and other thrill seeking obstacles every 100 linear feet. Since  this could also be considered a spectator sport, a lodge with a huge window will be parked at the bottom of the slope so people can enjoy a meal and beverage while watching the crazies fly down the hill. We are looking for an executive team to run this project, including leaders in marketing, engineering and finance. If you have any interest in being part of this project team, have contacts in the ski industry, or have any thoughtful suggestions about this project, please contact hank.jones@21centurycreations.com.

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