Our Process

http://josiart.at/rete/5062 21st Century Creations is a one stop R&D shop that will help individuals take their innovative ideas from concept to reality. This is designed for those who do not have the time, the technical skills, the team, the business background, or full financial wherewithal to explore the potential of their project.

our website Our Process For Helping Inventors:

http://www.cablackhealthnetwork.org/biopo/4346 top 10 over 50 dating sites STEP ONE: When you present an idea, we assess the general marketability of the idea (at a nominal fee of $2500). We look at the size of the market, the competition, and the barriers to entry from new competition. (Think of an abbreviated SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces analysis)

http://canyoncrestdental.com/?plemjanik=site-de-rencontre-entre-vierge&2e2=40 hop over to this website STEP TWO: If our 1st assessment is attractive, we then, for a fixed fee of $5000, look at the patentability strength of the idea, access to market, the requirements to build a team that will make your project a reality, and the early economics of determining the profitability of your project. (Think of a simplified proforma).

over at this website dating for professionals toronto STEP THREE: If our 2nd assessment is attractive, we then, for a negotiated fee, establish roads to success, including concept development, vendor options, setting production and development guidelines, marketing strategies (focus groups, surveys, …), etc.

useful link http://www.activities.biz/milkis/11481 STEP FOUR: If our 3rd assessment is attractive, we then determine the equity structure, investment guidelines, build the team required for success, and seek out the capital required.

So the most you have invested in getting your idea off the ground can be only $7500. Since it is your idea, you still will own a portion of the equity and will receive royalties.
And while you are working your day job, we will be working on the project’s development. As the project matures, you can buy back more equity as your belief in your idea escalates.

Cost structure based on projected hours per task. Equity pay back opportunities as milestones are met.

Contact hank.jones@21centurycreations for more information