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About Us

We fulfill everyday needs through innovation


We strive to find solutions to problems in the home, office or industry.  Our current projects include:

  •  a new home security system that zeroes in on specific points in the house where valuables or safety is a concern.  Our POMAlarm is a button size sensor that protects jewelry boxes, money drawers, important family documents, medicine cabinets, and the like.   It is scheduled to go to market in Fall 2019.

  • a new way to monitor medication prescription adherence for the elderly and others who don't have day-to-day supervision.  Our Pillalert is also useful for medical trial compliance.  It is scheduled to go to market in Fall 2020.

  • a GPS device designed to monitor activity on the golf course with real time feedback to  course administrators.  Pacekeeper.golf  can be attached to riding carts, walking carts and bagtags and offers a visual aid to help golfers keep the right pace of play.  It is scheduled to go to market in Spring 2020.

We provide financial support to early stage companies


In coordination with RTP Capital Associates, we provide seed stage financing to companies in the Raleigh-Durham- Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.  They include:

  • Alievio: a medical shunt designed to prevent glaucoma and other eye conditions.
  • Your Local Greens: a high level hydroponic solution to edible greens.
  • UVision360:  Dedicated to the advancement of a fully integrated hysteroscopy and cystoscopy system to fulfill unmet needs for diagnostic & therapeutic procedures for the modern office. 
  •  Deep Blue Medical Advances : Surgical innovations to enhance hernia repair
  • Physcient:  Our differential dissection tool exploits new technologies to automatically differentiate between tissue types, dissecting only the desired tissues, thus avoiding long time scars. 

Who We Are


21st Century Creations, LLC is run by Hank Jones and his outsourced team of programmers, designers and marketers.

Hank is a graduate of Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and Duke's Fuqua School of Business.   Back in the '90s, he developed TitleSmart, a search engine designed to aid booksellers and librarians in solving customer queries.    His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to other projects and startups to this day.  He is a board member of RTP Capital Associates and is a proud husband and father of four.  

Bob Shankle of Sparrow Labs and Jason MacEntee and Tad Richard of Digital Mettle help lead the technical team

Allen Moore of Touchstone3D leads the design team.

Connor Bolin and Jon Hoy of TheeDigital help lead the marketing team.


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